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Europolis Chartering Department is a worldwide provider of maritime, ocean or air transportation solutions. We act as charterers, sub charterers or forwarders for gate to gate transports. Our long and good experience developed our good reputation and trust among shippers around the world.
EST Romania is a name which guarantee good performance, special co-ordination between all means of transport used, payments in time.

We are specialized in special transports but are doing also worldwide transportation of all kind of cargoes including but not limited to the following :

project cargoes transports
heavy lift cargoes transport
legal arms and ammunition transports
any kind of imo cargoes transport
bulk ore , coal , fertilizer , solid chemicals etc transport
bulk general cargoes transport
bulk packetised cargoes transport
palletized cargoes transport
containerized cargoes transport
auto , trucks and any ro/ro materials transport
steels transport
refrigerated or freeze cargoes transport
comestible oil or wine transport
agabaritic transports
etc .

Shippers which want a reliable service based on trust , good will and experience are waited to use our chartering services.

Europolis Shipping and Trading