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       PORT DESCRIPTION.  Location: Constantza is situated on the W coast of the Black Sea, about 179nm from the Bosporus and 85nm from the mouth of Sulina branch through which the Danube flows into the sea, approx 250km E of Bucharest. General overview: It is the principal port of Romania and the largest on the Black Sea. It covers an area of 3,926ha and the handling capacity of the port is 115,000,000t annually.

      The port is confined by the N and S breakwaters, with a combined length of 13.9km. There are 145 berths with a total quay length of 29.8km.
       The port complex consists of the Old Port to the N and the New Port to the S.
       The North Port is entirely operational and consists of 12 basins, water depth between 2.0m and 17.6m, 16.1km of quay and 89 berths, and has specialised terminals for ores, coal, crude oil and oil products, grains, chemical products, rolled metals, containers, general goods for platforms and warehouses.
      The South Port is partly operational. There are 13.7km of quays, 56 berths and handling capacities for ores, coal, phosphate, containers, grains, rolled metals, bitumen, general goods, platforms and warehouses. Part of the traffic is managed in the Ro-Ro and ferry system.
      The South Port encompasses the entrance into the Danube-Black Sea Canal, which is part of the most important European waterway, the Rhine-Main-Danube corridor.
      According to the classification of European inland waterways, the Danube-Black Sea Canal ranks in the "Vlc" class of inland canals (length 64.4km, width 90m, water depth 7.0m, bridge clearance 17m, 2 double locks at Cernavoda and Agigea) and it allows convoys of 6 barges of 3,000t each or vessels up to 5,000dwt.
      There are 3 commercial ports along the canal, Cernavoda, Medgidia and Basarabi (see separate entries) available for the transhipment of cargo and passengers.
       In order to tranship cargo into river vessels (barges) the South Port has a specialised river-maritime basin.
       Of the cargo handled at Constantza, 74% is bulk cargo. Of that, 29% is liquid cargo, mainly crude oil and derivative products and 45% is solid bulk cargo, mainly iron ore and non-ferrous ores, coal, coke, phosphate, apatites, steel products and cereals.
      The general cargo consists of imports of industrial equipment, foods, fertilisers and chemical products, clothes, electrical appliances and exports consisting of furniture and wood products, steel products, fertilisers and chemical products, foods, textiles, glass products, cement and cars.
      Traffic figures: Approx 40,524,000t of cargo handled annually including 18,141,000t dry bulk, 11,897,000t liquid bulk and 10,486,000t general cargo.
      Load Line zone: Summer Zone for ships over 100m in length and Winter Seasonal Area for ships of 100m or less in length, Winter Dec 1 to Feb 28/29, Summer Mar 1 to Nov 30.
      Max size: Largest vessel handled: Dry bulk carrier "SG Enterprise" 211,355dwt. The port of Constantza can accommodate vessels up to 17.5m draft at the dry bulk terminal and oil terminal.

Europolis Shipping and Trading