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PORT DESCRIPTION.  Location: Constantza is situated on the W coast of the Black Sea, about 179nm from the Bosporus and 85nm from the mouth of Sulina branch through which the Danube flows into the sea, approx 250km E of Bucharest. General overview: It is the principal port of Romania and the largest on the Black Sea. It covers an area of 3,926ha and the handling capacity of the port is 115,000,000t annually.


Repairs: There are shipyards in Constantza, Mangalia and Midia. Various facilities for repairs of the hull, engine, electrical and electronic equipment are available. All scales of repairs are possible. A specialised company for underwater repairs is also available.
Docking facilities: Constantza Shipyard: One dry dock for vessels up to 150,00dwt; one for vessels up to 200,000dwt
Floating docks:
1.Constantza Shipyard: One of 8,000t; one of 15,000t.
2.SORENA: One of 4,000t.
Bunkers/water/stores: Fresh water: Fresh water supply is through quay installations available at every berth. Supply from water tankers is also available.
Bunkering: Bunkering is performed with tanker barges inside the port and at the roadstead and it is subject to the Harbour Master's approval.
Medical facilities: The port has a polyclinic and a hospital. The polyclinic works Mon to Fri, between 0800hrs and 1600hrs and on Sat between 0800hrs and 1300hrs. All kinds of medical assistance are available in the town of Constantza.
Transport: Nearest airport: Mihail Kogalniceanu (25km), International Airport.
Nearest railway: The port is connected to the national rail network.
Crew change: The Immigration Office in the port of Constantza may grant transit visas for seamen disembarking for repatriation.
Consuls: The following General Consulates are available: China, Greece, Russia and Turkey.
Banks: The following banks are available: Alpha Bank, Commercial Bank "Ion Tiriac", Romanian Commercial Bank, Romanian Development Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, ABN AMRO, ING Barings, Unicredit Romania, Citibank, Robank, Banc Post.
Public holidays: New Year (Jan 1 and 2), Orthodox Easter (2 days), May 1, Marine Day and Port Worker's Day (Aug 15), National Day (Dec 1), Christmas (Dec 25 and 26). Every Sat and Sun.
Working hours: Usually the stevedores' shifts are 0700-1900hrs and 1900-0700hrs. The weekend begins on Sat at 0700hrs and ends on Mon at 0700hrs. Overtime rates apply at weekends and during holidays.
Developments: The following port projects are reported as being underway:
1.Completion of the north breakwater.
2.Waste management.
3.Windpower plant.
4.River-maritime sector activation, barge terminal improvement.
5.New cereals terminal.
6.International business centre.
7.Completion of dredging works.

Surveyors: Classification Societies representatives: Lloyds Register of Shipping, ABS Classification Romania SRL.
Cargo Inspectors: BBN Cargo Inspection SRL, ROMCONTROL, SGS, Alex Stewart International Corporation SRL, BSI Inspection Romania SRL, Petcom Inspections SRL and others.
Recreation: There is a Seamen's pub located near Gate No.1, and there are many clubs, discotheques, restaurants and hotels in the town of Constantza. Mamaia, a summer resort, is located near Constantza. Mail, telephone and telex facilities are available at the post office at Gate No 1 and in the town.
Garbage: Garbage is removed from the vessel every day.
Officials and visitors: Visitors are allowed provided that they notify Constantza Port Administration in advance.
Fumigation: Available.
Pollution: Pollution should be reported immediately to the Harbour Master's Office and to Maritime Ports Administration SA Constantza. The Harbour Master is entitled to apply punishments according to local and international regulations.

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